Austin Day 4 - Official Day 2 of Legislative Sessions

Austin Day 4 - Official Day 2 of Legislative Sessions

Another long day. Committee meeting from 8-10 am, followed by a Legislative Session TEC Conversation on Racial Reconciliation. The speakers included a former skinhead, Dr. Catherine Meeks from the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Reconciliation in Atlanta, a poet, and a Hispanic girl from Los Angeles.  This issue is going to be a major project going forward.

The Absalom Jones Center also sponsored a lunch which I attended. Bishop Rob Wright, the Bishop of Atlanta, was the speaker. He gave us an overview of what the Center is. At the end, we were all surprised when they took the bread baskets from the tables and started passing them around for donations.

In the afternoon I attended the Formation committee meeting. Among other things they were talking about resources available to churches as we move forth. Specific concerns were for material to be used with out LGPTQ youth.

Had a great dinner with Gray Lesesne, former assistant rector at Saint Bartholomew’s. He is a deputy from Indianapolis. After dinner we had our 9 pm diocesan meeting, and now it’s late and time to go to sleep.

Nancee Cekuta