Austin Day 3 - Official Day 1 of General Convention

We’ve just finished our 9 pm Diocesan Caucas.

Today started with Legislative Session at 8 am. It was pretty straightforward issues, thank goodness. We all needed to sleep a little longer.

At 9:30 we moved to a huge ballroom set up as a church. There was great drum music. A huge altar was in the middle of the room. Bishop Curry was the Celebrant and preacher for this opening Eucharist. We all left energized from Bishop Curry’s sermon. It was a full 30 minutes with him in constant motion.

From there, it was a 2 hour Courtesy and Privilege Committee Meeting. We finalized and approved 5 or 6 resolutions and passed them to the next stop. There is a Committee after ours that checks for accuracy before they come back for our final approval. After that, they go on a Legislative Session agenda for presentation to the deputies.

In the morning session, we sent all the Michaels in the room, with ball caps saying Michael, to the House of Bishops to welcome them. In turn they sent 2 bishops to the House of Deputies who had tierras on their heads.  It was hilarious.

Our morning session in committee was 2 hours, followed by an hour’s break to have lunch. We then went right back to approving and writing more resolutions for another 2 hours. The lunch was the best food I’ve had since I got here. I had a salad and an absolutely outrageous bowl of tomato and corn chowder.

The next hour and a half was spent in another Legislative Session. This one was a little more entertaining with folks coming to the podium to speak on support or lack of support for specific resolutions.

Several of us had dinner then went off to evening sessions before we all met up at 9 pm. It’s been a long day. I did scoot through the Exhibit Hall for 10 minutes to see the Sisters from the Convent of Saint Helena.  It’s always great to see Sisters Ellen Frances, Faith, and Miriam.

Nancee Cekuta