Austin Day 2

Austin Day 2

Today has not been terribly hectic as all other days are expected to be.

I attended my assigned committee for 2 hours this morning. Privilege and Courtesy is responsible for creating a large number of resolutions that recognize the accomplishments of people, organizations, or places. This morning in our 2 hour meeting, we completed 4 resolutions. They move to a special committee that prepares the resolutions for presentation.

At designated times during the Convention, Margaret Porter, our Chairperson,  will read the resolutions to the House of Deputies. The Bishop chairman of the House of Bishop’s Privilege and Courtesy will read them in the House of Bishops. 

The official opening session happened after lunch today. Bishop Curry entertained us mightily for about 30 minutes, then the Rev. Gay Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, gave her opening speech. 

The final session this afternoon was a 2 hour session on the rules, how to use the voting things, and a tour of the iPad. 

We meet as a diocesan caucus at 9 pm. Hopefully, it will be a short meeting.   More tomorrow.


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