New Post: Lot's of Conversation and Excitement on the Plane to Austin

The day began before daylight in order to catch the 7 am flight to Atlanta. As I looked around the gatehouse while waiting for the flight to Austin, we had our own Episcopal Convention. Lot’s of conversation and excitement. 

After setting into the hotel and getting some lunch, I ventured to the  Austin Convention Center to register and do my first trip through the Exhibit Hall. 

These folks know how to register a massive number of people. An initial stop at the first booth verified my identity. The second booth gave me my name tag, voting card, and I signed a form to get my iPad. The third booth took the form, and issued me the iPad. 

The Exhibit Hall is full of nearly everything you can imagine. Lot’s of vestments, altar silver, jewelry, clothing, seminary displays, and even a cardboard Bishop Curry. 

I am a member of the Coutesy and Resolutions Committee. Our first meeting started at 5:30 tonight. Eighteen of us will write/rewrite/and write again many resolutions. Our work starts back early tomorrow. 

The final event of the day was a group meeting with all our deputation. Everyone has plans or assignments for tomorrow. For me, it’s bedtime. 

Even though we are all tired, we are also very excited to move forth with the business of The Episcopal Church. 

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