Austin Official Last Day of General Convention

The day started early with a full Legislative agenda. With some effort we worked our way through a Hugh number of resolutions, and with some creativity did not take lunch so we could finish early.

There were some awards and recognitions. During the time we’ve been here, we have been joined by pigeons (at least 2).  Stories of them have been entertaining. Today my committee (Privilege and Courtesy orchestrated, with the Diocese of Vermont, to present the President of the House of Deputies, The Reverend Gay Clark Jennings, a plush pigeon.

We worked diligently and General Convention officially ended about 1:40 pm.

It’s been a long 12 days, but very productive.

*Continued trial use of “The Witnessing and Blessing of a Marriage” and The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage 2” was approved.

•Anti-racism Training issues were discussed and several resolutions passed.

•Title IV video was shown and will soon be available for use with training materials.

•We can continue in the use of “Great Cloud of Witnesses 2015.

•Trial use of new Commemorations in Lesser Feasts and Fast 2018 was approved.

All-in-all over 500 resolutions were considered. All are glad we are at the end. Home tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayer of support these last 12 days. It’s time to get back to Ron, David, and my cats and dogs. See you all Sunday.

Nancee Cekuta