More Austin Day 9 - Official Day 7 of Legislative Sessions

Legislative Sessions and the Closing Eucharist today.  A very long day of sitting, listening, and voting.

Some facts and figures I should have shared earlier in this adventure:

Generally, there have been 424 clergy deputies and 419 lay deputies in each Legislative Session of the House of Deputies. This represents 110 Dioceses. In the House of Bishops there are 110 Bishops.  These are not just Diocese in the United States, but Episcopal Diocese from all over the world. Just around me, there are deputations from Liberia, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Central Ecuador, Litoral Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Taiwan, the Virgin Islands, Haiti, Episcopal Churches in Europe.

The Closing Eucharist was another beautiful service. Bishop Curry was the Celebrant, but did not preach.

Nancee Cekuta