Austin Day 9 - Official Day 7 of Legislative Sessions

Last Privilege and Courtesy Committee meeting this morning. We will not meet again unless we are asked to do so.

The majority of rest of today is devoted to Legislative Sessions. For the first session, I have allowed Regina Ratterree, our alternate lay deputy, to sit in the first Legislative Session this morning. We elect 4 lay and 4 clergy deputies for convention. When the ballots are counted, the 4 top vote-getters are the Deputies. The 5th highest becomes the alternate.

The first major action of the day was to vote on readmission of the Diocese of Cuba into The Episcopal Church. This was unanimously approved. The entire Cuban Deputation was recognized and their Bishop gave a short thank you speech while the Cuban flag was waved behind her.

We continued this afternoon with a budget discussion, followed by another Legislative.

The Eucharist tonight was a Rit I Service. The final session of the day runs 7:30 to 9 pm. 

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