Austin Day 8 - Official Day 6 of Legislative Sessions

The days are getting longer and busier as we move toward the end of the week. I did not have a committee meeting this morning, so went to the World Missions Committee. They are struggling with issues threatening many areas of the world. The discussion this morning was on Latin America and the Caribbean.

There were 2 long Legislative Sessions today, as well as the third TEC Conversations. This one was on Caring for Creation. Again there are materials for use by the churches.

We closed the day with the Eucharist. These services are always beautiful. Most have been a combination of English and Spanish, but we did have some Native American, Hawaiian, and Alaskan.

Last night was also our Diocesan dinner. This traditionally is dinner with the Bishop.  We enjoyed a very good dinner at Vince Young Steakhouse, but without the Bishop. Bishop Waldo was not with us because he returned home due to the death of one of our diocesan youth. Please pray for all involved.


 *Note: Biggest event of this General Convention:  we readmitted the Episcopal Church in Cuba back into TEC. They have a delegation here. Their Bishop spoke thanking the people here.


Nancee Cekuta