Austin Day 7 - Official Day 5 of Legislative Sessions

Today started with a downpour.  I had to go several blocks from my hotel to the hotel where my first meeting was held. Praise God, the rain slowed to a drizzle by the time I left my hotel.  I was quite a site going down the sidewalk on my scooter with a poncho on and covered by a purple umbrella.

Our committee meeting was very productive. We write special resolutions honoring different people, events, places. We have now written about 30. They go from us to a reviewer who ensures our facts, spelling, and titles are correct. After that, they come back for us to give final approval, and move them to to the Secretariat for posting on one of the Legislative Calendars. All Courtesy Resolutions must be read to the collective body.

The second of the TEC Conversations Evangelism was the presented. This was another great presentation. Materials are available for churches to use if they wish.

Nancee Cekuta