Austin Day 6 - Official Day 4 of Legislative Sessions

As today is Sunday, I think there was an attempt to make this a lighter day, but it failed. I ventured out of the hotel for breakfast today. One of the hotel staff recommended the 1886 Bakery and Cafe. What they did not tell me was it was located in The Driscoll Hotel, the oldest hotel in Austin. They also didn’t tell me it was where LBJ and Lady Bird had their first date. The Romanesque architecture is magnificent.

After breakfast I went on to the Convention Center. The Bishops did their March Against Gun Violence right next door in a park. We then all boarded busses (15 of them) and headed to Taylor, TX to the Hutto Detention Center. Hutto is a women’s prison for detainees.

About 1000 of us went on the busses and stood in the beating down sun for an hour while we prayed and sang. Bishop Curry was again the preacher. This was a powerful event with a band playing and leading us in song, readings, prayers, and Bishop Curry’s sermon. We were in a field several hundred yards of the actual detention center.  We had been told the women could hear us but we could not see them. Today, we received a message from someone on the inside who said the women were glued to the windows watching and listening.

Most of the rest of the afternoon was filled with debate on resolutions. The biggest one was the one to allow continued use of “The Witnessing and Blessing of a Marriage” and “The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage 2”, and authorize trial use of “The Blessing of a Civil Marriage 2” and “An Order for Marriage 2”. Debate on this will be continued tomorrow.

All in all a long exciting day.


Nancee Cekuta